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Ambassador Apply Form

-Apply Form-

PoL Ambassadors are the heart and soul of the PoL Community, scattered around the world. They will play a key role in pushing PoL to become the world's number one learning service, with the aim of ushering in the blockchain-enabled Web3. PoL welcomes all enthusiastic learners to the community. The growth of PoL Ambassadors is the growth of the entire PoL ecosystem. PoL fully supports the activities of ambassadors. Lead the global blockchain space by becoming a PoL Ambassador!

Benefits of PoL Ambassadors

  • Be invited to the PoL Ambassador Conference held once a year

  • Make connections with blockchain communities around the world

  • Update the text in each language PoL supports

  • Lead as a representative of the PoL community around the world

  • Organize lectures and seminars using PoL materials

  • Post your photo, name, and social media links on the ambassador page

  • Write community blogs under your own name

  • Participate in PoL's product improvement MTGs

  • Priority access to all PoL events

  • We are also considering giving PoL Token (PoL Payment Token) based on your activities.


  • Contributing to the expansion of the crypto and blockchain space by advocating PoL

  • Expanding awareness of PoL in countries around the world

  • Updating the text in each language supported by PoL

  • Organize lectures and seminars using PoL materials

  • Propose improvements to PoL to make it a better product (PoL Improvement Proposals (PIPs))

  • Anything else that you think would be beneficial to PoL


Please fill out the application form below and send it to us. After screening by the PoL Management Office, only those who pass the screening as PoL Ambassadors will be contacted.

Your application has been received. Only successful applicants will be contacted after review by the PoL Management Office.


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