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Techtec Joins Reazon Holdings

Web3 education is about to be born. Our journey with Reazon Holdings is the first step into a new era.

As of today, Techtec is being acquired by Reazon Holdings! The Techtec product is going to get bigger and better as a consequence of this deal. Our journey has just started. We will utilize the ample capital of Reason Holdings to lead the market for Web3 education.


About PoL

PoL is one of the most used education platforms for crypto. Users can learn about crypto, blockchain and crypto projects. The feature of PoL is that it is the only place to learn about crypto and blockchain, from beginners to advanced users. The course consists of "Crypto Basic", "Blockchain Basic", and "Crypto Projects". PoL has been running for 4 years and has achieved over 10,000 token holders.

Recently, we also launched Crypto College, where students learn the components of Web3 such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and DAO. Crypto College is also developing a cutting-edge initiative to sell the right to join as an NFT.

About Techtec

Techtec operates PoL, a "Learn to Earn'' platform that allows students to earn tokens for learning. We have been accepted grants from many Web3 projects such as Ethereum, Aave, Compound, Avalance, Celo and so on.

Company Profile

Name   : Techtec Inc.

Representative : CEO Tomohiro Tagami

Location  : ZENITAKA ANNEX 2F, 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Establishment : January 2018

Business : Education, research and consulting


About Reazon Holdings

With the goal of "Becoming the World's No. 1 Company," Reazon Holdings is developing its business in four main areas: Ad tech, Social Games, Media, and Food tech. By enhancing business synergies between each business domain, we will continue to develop businesses and create new businesses that other companies do not have.



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