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How to use the PoL Forum

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

PoL Forum is an open place for PoL users around the world to interact. There are threads for the community of projects whose curriculum is open to PoL, proposals for improving PoL to make it a better service (PIPs: PoL Improvement Proposals), and feedback to the management team.

The forum will be available in beta as of May 2021 and is not linked to a PoL account. This is due to the fact that PoL has no control over any user data. This is because PoL does not control any user data, as we believe that user data belongs to the user and not to the PoL management team.

Therefore, you will need to create a separate account to participate in the forum.


Threads are the first framework that appears when you access the forum. Only the management team is allowed to create, edit, and delete threads. In the beta version, there are "PIPs," "Feedback to Management," "Community by Project," and "Curriculum Translation".


PoL Improvement Proposals(PIPs)

This is a thread for discussing improvement proposals to make PoL a better service. Only "PoL Ambassadors" are allowed to post in the PIPs thread. If you become an ambassador, you will be granted permission to contribute to the PIP thread. Anyone can become an ambassador, so we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Feedback to the Management Team

This is a thread similar to PIPs, where you can contact the management team for minor corrections. For example, feedback such as "I think this lesson is a bit confusing," "I found a typo," or "This content should definitely be included". Anyone can post here, so please feel free to do so. You can also submit requests and feedback using this form.

Community for each project

These are threads about projects whose curriculum has been published in PoL. In the community thread, you can ask questions about what you didn't understand in the curriculum or share about the latest developments. We also plan to invite project administrators to hold AMA (Ask Me Anything) on a regular basis. You will need to create an account to view the community thread.

Curriculum Updates

This thread is for updating the text on the website, including the curriculum. For example, "This part of the Indonesian text should be written this way", "This part of the German text is incorrectly translated", or "This is how it should be written for SEO purposes". Anyone can contribute, so please feel free to do so to make PoL a better service.


An article is a post to each thread. Articles are the most important feature of the forum, and the discussions in the forum are driven by the articles that are created. The permissions to create articles vary from thread to thread, but please feel free to post an article.


When you become an ambassador, the "PoL Ambassador" badge will be displayed on your profile screen. The type of badge will be added in the future, but the presence or absence of the badge will make a difference in your privileges in the forum, so please apply to become a PoL Ambassador.

"PoL Ambassador" badge
"PoL Ambassador" badge

The forum will be expanding its functions as needed. In the future, this will include the use of PoL Token, the opening of governance threads, and the growth of the project community.

As PoL users are the ones who will decide the roadmap of the forum, we hope that you will make proposals through PIP by becoming an ambassador.



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